CycleSheffield annual report 2022


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Following previous AGMs the finances are presented on cash basis up to June 1st.

The CycleSheffield finances are in good shape with over £7,100 in the bank as of 01/06/22. 


In 2020/21 income exceeded outgoings, in part with fewer activities due to the Covid19 pandemic. In 2021/22 we decided to spend some of this surplus on grants for bike parking. Three grants were made, totalling £1320. Other notable spend in 2021/22 that had not occurred the year before was £520 on events as part of our SCA CanDo project partnership and £700 on Zoom subscription for online events held during Covid19 pandemic.

Although there is no fee to join as a supporter, there are many people who continue to donate. Thank you regular supporters!

Please get in touch if you would like to donate to support our campaign! 

Interactions with Sheffield City Council (SCC)

We had a good working relation with cllr Douglas Johnson and cllr Ruth Mersereau when they had the Transport brief in the Co-operative Executive. The cabinet system has been replaced by a committee system and we now need to build relations with the members of the transport commitee.

Cycle Forum

We continue to attend the SCC Cycle Forum which is a useful source of information. The forum has attendance from councillors from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens as well as council officers and South Yorkshire police. We have been able to push on updates to schemes and provide some input into things that are happening. There have been consistent delays to schemes in the past year and we remain disappointed with the pace. We look forward to the Connecting Sheffield schemes in the pipeline and await the announcement of further schemes to build on East Bank Road. 

Interactions with South Yorkshire Metropolitan Combined Authority

We had limited interactions with the Active Travel Commissioner Dame Sarah Storey but very good working relationship with Pete Zanzottera, the Active Travel Project Director. Unfortunately they both left the MCA when Dan Jarvis stood down as mayor in May and we await (and lobby for) their replacements under the new mayor Oliver Coppard.

SCA Climate bid

Emily and Ian Carey both put in a lot of time and effort in the Sheffield Climate Alliance bid for substantial amounts of lottery funding at the end of 2021 unfortunately, this bid was not successful. The CanDo project is still going (no cost extension from the Lottery), and did bring positive interactions for example with Sheffield Sustainability Network who we cohosted an event with.

Transforming Cities Fund and Active Travel Fund scheme delays

The delivery of large scale active travel schemes funded by TCF and ATF money are all delayed. We campaigned hard last year to ensure that Pinstone Street remained motor traffic free as reopening would have major implications for the city centre and connected active travel schemes. After many of our supporters contacted their councillors we were successful with this campaign which will mean the city centre Connecting Sheffield scheme can go ahead. 

May Big Ride 

In May we organised the largest Big Ride for Space for Cycling! Between 400-500 people took part as we cycled very slowly around the city centre – demonstrating that there is real support for active travel in Sheffield and that current infrastructure is not adequate for a cycling city.

May local and mayoral elections

We asked our supporters to contact their councillors who were standing for election in May along with the rival candidates to request they support active travel improvements. However, this was not as effective as we’d have liked – we found it difficult to obtain email addresses for candidates and we did not ask people to share their responses so we don’t know what was said (if anything) – lessons for next year!

Election of officers

We need to appoint 3 officers: a chair, secretary and finance officer. Dexter is standing for chair, David for secretary and Emily for finance. 

All three were elected

Please get involved!

We need help with: social media, partnership building, event organiser, lobbying decision makers, arranging publicity in local media, election campaign manager, fundraising.

Aims for next year

  • Establish a regular campaign group aiming to lobby councillors and get articles in the press
  • Another large ride pre election

One thought on “CycleSheffield annual report 2022

  1. Thank you for all the work done this year and continuing to be there. I get such a lot of support through this network. I honestly don’t think I’d still be biking it if I did not – I’ll do what I can to support within the limits of my time and knowledge – thanks again for being there Cycle Sheffield!

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