Get involved

Do you want to help campaign for a people-friendly Sheffield for everyone? We’d love you to get involved!

We have regular social meetings in a pub, which is often a good way to start getting involved. Our Facebook group and Twitter account are good places to find out what’s going on and discuss cycling in Sheffield.

Anyone can grumble about potholes and poor driving, but we want to be a constructive part of building something better. You don’t need to be a cycling expert to help; you just need to have an interest and a desire to change things.

Not got much time? Don’t worry! We always need people to help with small tasks too. Just get in touch if you’re interested.

Here are a few of the things you can do to get involved…

Wanted: Friendly faces

Can you help us to organise social events for CycleSheffield members? Perhaps a family bike ride and picnic, a film showing, local outing or good old fashioned pub trip? Events don’t necessarily have to be bike-related, just good fun.

Wanted: Political animals

Do you have your finger on the pulse of local politics? Can you make sense of the murky world of local decision-making?

Wanted: Socialites

Can you help us keep on top of our social media? Can you keep an ear out for topical cycling articles and events for our newsletter?

Wanted: Schemers

Can you look at drawings of a transport scheme or lines of a budget and work out what the heck it all means?

Wanted: Worker bees

Love to leaflet? Happy to help out now and then? We try and make it fun and easy. Jobs vary depending on the campaign but it could be things like leafleting, putting up posters, collecting petition signatures, helping on the Cycle Sheffield stall and being on hand to help with setting up at events.