Sheffield transport data

Modes of transport used in Sheffield

Mode shares for 2018

Mode Share of trips
Car/taxi 59.3%
Bus/coach 14.3%
Walk 7.2%
Van 7.1%
Tram 6.1%
Rail 2.7%
Medium goods vehicle 1.1%
Cycle 0.8%
Heavy goods vehicle 0.8%

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Total daily trips

The same transport modes (number of trips, not percentage share), shown with population change. Sheffield has been growing in population while use of cars and buses has been declining:

Car ownership

How car ownership differs by employment status (from 2011 census data):

Sheffield car ownership by employment

How car/van ownership varies by ward in Sheffield (from 2011 census data):

Non-car ownership by Sheffield wards



(While commuting is only a small amount of travel, it is something there is good data for from the census.)

How far people commute into Sheffield (2011 census data):

And in detail, by each mode:

Sheffield distance of commutes by mode

Of 219,680 commutes to work in Sheffield, 77% were journeys 10km or shorter.

Mode Share of all commuting Proportion 10km or less
Public transport 21.1% 83.3%
Car driver 58.9% 70%
Car passenger 5.8% 80.8%
Cycle 1.8% 92.6%
Walk 12.3% 95.6%