A Green Recovery – Sustainable Transport in Sheffield City Region

We were delighted to be invited to talk this month at a Sheffield Greenpeace Zoom meeting. The theme of the meeting was a Green Recovery for Transport. The other invited speakers were Clive Betts MP, Dame Sarah Storey, and Lee Thompson from Sustrans.

The slides from our talk showcase how neighbourhoods can easily be made much nicer places to walk, cycle and play.

1. We look at existing versions of these low traffic neighbourhoods, firstly in Sheffield (yes, Sheffield!) and findings from one London borough. 

2. We showcase the transformation brought about in parts of Sheffield this spring with a few planters on Division Street and Kelham Island. 

3. And we look to the future where we could see similar schemes bringing benefits to other neighbourhoods in Sheffield… could yours feature?

We hope you find the notes insightful and photos inspiring!

If you have time, please send an email to your local councillors to ask for a low traffic neighbourhood where you live.

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