Please support Sheffield’s trial cycling and walking infrastructure

Sheffield Council are evaluating the changes they have made to our streets as part of their CV19 response. Things like filtering out motor traffic in Kelham and on Division Street, protected cycle lanes on Attercliffe Road and at Shalesmoor and the removal of some car parking spaces in Broomhill. You can see a full list here.

These schemes could be made permanent and even expanded, however, they could just as easily be removed. Especially if the council don’t think there is support for them.

Please can you spend a few minutes contacting your councillors to tell them you support these schemes and ask that the council make them permanent?

Writing to your councillors is easy to do, you can contact them here. Just enter your postcode.

Maybe you’d like to see the schemes expanded, have suggestions on how they could be improved or would like to see something similar where you live in Sheffield. Any feedback to the council would be welcome.
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Image 1 Sam Wakeling
Image 2 Moonko       

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