CycleSheffield – can you help?

CycleSheffield needs more volunteers to help carry out its campaigning work.

Here is a list of things we do – are you interested? Want more info? Please get in touch! Email

Maybe there are things you’re interested in that aren’t listed here – please get in touch about that as well!

Arranging meetings and socials with our supporters

Sending monthly(ish) email newsletter, writing content

Arranging yearly Big Ride and similar events as required (route planning, marshals, promotional material)

Arranging stall at events/festivals, transporting CS promo material to/from events and arranging volunteers to run stall

Helping run the stall at events/festivals

Contributing to and coordinating responses to plans, consultations and strategies.

Administering Facebook page, posting information, creating events, responding to messages. Boosting posts.

Administering Facebook group. Posting information, creating events, moderating content

Attending SCC bi-monthly (every 2 months) cycle forum, raising issues, sharing information

Arranging and attending meetings with stakeholders

Administering Twitter account

Administering Instagram account

Creating articles for, responding to, speaking with, the media 

Creating, ordering, distributing promotional material

General networking, communication, liaising with other groups about CS 

General campaigning activities (e.g. Lane campaign, LLR traffic count etc)

Liaising with other campaigns eg CyclingUK, SY Climate Alliance, Living Streets etc.

Attending council transport committee and asking questions

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