Objection to removal of cycle provision on Fargate

We have written to Sheffield Council today to object to the banning of cycling on Fargate where a cycle route was proposed but now has been removed. The full objection is in the attached .pdf.


Please accept the following objection to Fargate TRO from Cycle Sheffield on behalf of our 1,919 formal supporters.

Specifically, we would like to object to “Pedestrian zone boundary proposed traffic regulation order” which we feel should include an exemption for cycles, supporting the previously approved shared Cycleway and service road. It has been confirmed the cycleway has been removed, even though the new service road remains.

As part of this objection, we would like to be provide with the Equality Impact Assessment associated with this decision.

We also request that any decision for approval is deferred to the Transport Committee, as the proposals seem to be in direct conflict with Sheffield’s adopted Transport Policy, South Yorkshire Transport Strategy (previously known as the Sheffield City Region Transport Strategy).

The objection is summarised as follows:
 Previously approved formal decisions
 Strategic Cycle Network & LCWIP
 Adopted Policy Conflict
 Lack of Consultation
 Future High Street Fund – Conditions of Grant Conflict

One thought on “Objection to removal of cycle provision on Fargate

  1. I have occasionally cycled on Fargate, although it’s a route I’d tend to avoid due to the tram lines at the High Street end and the obvious risk of pedestrians accessing the shops. Sure it’s plenty wide enough for cycle lane markings which would help everyone but with it being a ‘marginal route’ due to the tram lines and cross walkers, I would rather more suitable cycle routes be prioritized even at the risk of losing this one to pedestrians.

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