Re-imagining streets in Sheffield

What could our streets look like if they were designed for people rather than cars?

Division Street:

Ecclesall Road:

Holme Lane:

Barnsley Road:

South Road, Walkley

Attercliffe, Ikea


Kelham Island – Green Lane/Alma Street

11 thoughts on “Re-imagining streets in Sheffield

  1. This could work if you can stop car drives parking in the cycle lanes.
    I see this all time Sheffield and you ask them move the all you get is you cyclist don’t pay road tax we get off the road.

    1. Yes these kind of changes would need to be accompanied by effective parking enforcement. High quality cycle infrastructure will enable more people to make their journey by bike and so in the longer run there will be less need for car parking.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, contact your councillors (use and tell them you’d like to see this in Sheffield and ask them how they will make it a reality.

      The Sheffield City Region has applied for £180-220million ‘Transforming Cities’ funding. This is the kind of thing it should be funding!

  2. what i would like to see is tax cuts for employers mid to large busnisses who provide a safe shower and changing area. near a bike lock up.

  3. what i would like to see is tax cuts for employers mid to large businesses, who provide a safe shower and changing area. near a bike lock up.

  4. i also think as part of the provisional driving license scheme everyone other than people with disabilities should have to log 200 miles of road cycling. for obesity, road experience and good habit road re education if been foind guilty of knocking someone off a bike.

  5. . These visions seem to take space away that drivers think they have a right to. Car parking solutions need to be included.
    Shops will complain, residents will complain, all drivers will complain.
    It’s expensive to drive they all need somewhere too stop close to: home, shops, work and won’t want to pay more.
    And they won’t vote for these visions without something for themselves.

  6. Holland manage it. Why do we keep coping USA just because we share the same language

    Switzerland does too and that’s hilly.
    Both my parents are well into their eighties and they both cycle daily. (They’re from Chesterfield)

    We would save so much money on the NHS if we were given a safe cycling option.

    1. Definitely a step in the right direction towards a joined up safe cycle infrastructure. It needs to be part of an overall strategy including improving public transport.

  7. I love this – a first step towards change is believing that there is a possibility of something better! All visions depict massively reduce parking and driving space – I think wholesale implementation would only be viable with national level changes in car ownership and expectations. Nevertheless, a second step in this direction is for selective local implementation on flagship stretches of road, alongside consistent development of a wider cycle route infrastructure.

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