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People on bikes have the highest satisfaction of all transport users. It’s cheap, healthy, and gives the chance to connect with people and the environment. This sounds appealing and yet in Sheffield only about 1% of trips are cycled while the majority of car journeys are less than 10km – a cyclable distance.

What lies behind these transport decisions? Cycling is often portrayed as an elite activity for those wearing Lycra. It can often feel unsafe with a lack of protection from deadly motor vehicles. Even walking in our city can be a polluted and unpleasant experience.

How can these downsides be resolved so that more people can experience the benefits of active travel? More walking and cycling is our goal so how do we get there? This spring we are sharing ideas for designs and transport activism. Please do get involved!

CycleSheffield are taking part in Sheffield’s annual Festival of Debate ‘Our Democracy’ Day of Activism on Saturday the 27th of April. The day is hosted at The Circle on Rockingham Lane, just off Division Street.

There are three parts to our event that day:
1. A ‘Design-a-thon’ stand where you can draw, build Lego, and mould play-doh to show safer, people friendly streets. We’ll also have a map for you to pinpoint places needing improvement. This will run throughout the Hub Day (1pm to 5pm).
2. A workshop about Transport Poverty. We will be joined by a sustainable transport consultant and local health expert who will answer questions from the audience. This will run from 2.30 to 3.15 in The Circle.
3. A group ride leaving The Circle taking in key pieces of transport infrastructure around the city centre. The aim is to share observations and innovations on a steady-paced ride that will inform our activism about what infrastructure Sheffield needs. Please sign up on Let’s Ride if you want to join us.

Click here for (free) tickets to the Designathon and workshop.

We also have a Facebook event for discussion and updates.

If you’ve got any questions you can email or tweet us.

We look forward to seeing you there to discuss how we can transform our city!

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