What’s going on in Greater Manchester? CycleSheffield AGM annual report and social

Our AGM will be taking place on Wednesday the 13th June at 7pm in the Showroom cafe bar, and we’d love for you to join us.

Jonathan Fingland from Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign will join us to talk about the exciting developments on the other side of the Pennines and what we can learn as campaigners – especially relevant as we have just elected a Sheffield City Region mayor. Can we get Dan Jarvis to deliver similar in South Yorkshire?

  • Andy Burnham secured Labour nomination for GM Mayor in August 2016 and was elected in May 2017
  • Chris Boardman appointed as GM’s first ever Cycling and Walking Commissioner in July 2017
  • ‘Made to Move’ report on transforming the city region into a world class region for cycling and walking published in December 2017
  • In March 2018 GMCA allocated £160m tocycling and walking schemes over 4 years (from its £243m Transforming Cities Fund)
  • Andy Burnham (the GM mayor): “It will give Greater Manchester a cycling infrastructure on par with the most forward thinking of European cities.”

Join us on Wednesday the 13th June from 19.00 at the Showroom cafe bar. As well as Jonathan’s talk, the AGM and social will be a great opportunity to meet other supporters. We are also looking for people to join the CycleSheffield committee and help us campaign for a more cycle-friendly Sheffield.

Email info@cyclesheffield.org.uk if you’d like to get involved, or to find out more.

Everyone welcome!

AGM Report:

Some numbers:

Supporters list: 1602

Email list: 896

FaceBook page: 1398 follows

FaceBook group: 565 members

Twitter: 3426 followers

Big Ride – pretty good turn out and media coverage. Turn out down from 2017 but probably weather related. Linked to Mayoral election….

Mayoral election / CycleSheffield asks / follow ups. Meeting with Dan Jarvis and discussion about Walking and Cycling Commissioner.

Working with SCC – As usual we have spent a lot of time reacting or responding to schemes – Inner Ring Road, London Road / Broadfield Road junction widening, Darnal cycle route, Trippet and Portobello cycle route, Deepcar and Stocksbridge cycle route, city centre 20mph zone. We have met with SCC representatives about two of the schemes – IRR and Trippet/Portobello in an attempt to get improvements. More info about all our responses to these schemes on our website.

We responded to the SCC Transport Vision – this document was to guide their Transport Strategy which will be released for consultation shortly.

We responded to SCR Transport Strategy consultation.

We responded to DfT Accessibility Action Plan.

Ofo launched in January 2018.

‘Paint is not enough’ demonstration event in town opposite town hall with cllr Jack Scott.

Trip to Waltham Forest Mini-Holland scheme with Sheffield Council cabinet members in September 2017.

Close pass work with SYP. Spent over a year lobbying SYP to adopt close pass operations.

Lack of active supporters / committee members is impacting on what we can do / how effective we are.

£400 donation from CTC

Finance report

Upcoming events:

Sharrow festival (Mount Pleasant park, Saturday 7th July) – we have a stall – can you help?

City Ride (city centre closed road event, Sunday 15th July) – we have a stall – can you help?

Lowedges festival (Greenhill Park, Sunday 12th of August) – we have a stall – can you help?

National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist / Pedal on UK Parliament. A national cycling and walking protest & Die-In against the Government & Parliament prior to Autumn Budget organised by Stop Killing Cyclists on Saturday the 13th of October 2018.

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