Paternoster Row traffic count 05/09/17

We carried out a traffic count on Paternoster Row on the 05/09/17 between 17:29 and 18:29.

The results were:

Bikes – 80
Buses – 43
Taxis/private hire vehicles – 40
Cars – 35
Coaches – 2
Moped – 1
Van -1
Minibus -1

We did this because Sheffield Councils ‘Knowledge Gateway’ scheme which runs from Fitzalan Square to Brown Street  includes this road. There will be no provision for cycling in this scheme and in fact will make it more hazardous and less appealing to cycle here.

This is despite it clearly being a popular cycle route and despite Sheffield council’s ambitious targets for getting more people cycling (10% of all journeys by 2025, 25% of all journeys by 2050).

You can see our response to the Knowledge Gateway scheme here.

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