2017 CycleSheffield annual report

Annual General Meeting

  • Thursday 15th June, 7pm.
  • The Showroom, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield S1 2BX.

Agenda (approximate timings)

All posts are up for re-election (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustees x 3, plus up to 4 others).

The current committee is all male and white. This does not reflect the diversity of CycleSheffield supporters. It would be good to change this.



  • Dronfield and Chesterfield Cycle Campaign: developments in North Derbyshire.


  • CycleSheffield AGM
    • Questions about the annual report.
    • Elections for the executive committee.


  • Close, but feel free to stay for a drink and a chat.

2017 annual report


  • This short report sets out the main activities of Cycle Sheffield since the last AGM of June 2016.
  • If supporters require any further information, please email cyclesheffield@gmail.com or attend the AGM.


  • We have now received 434 accident tram track accident reports since January 2015. 92% of these accidents have caused injury to the rider.
  • After some delay Sheffield Council approved the tram track accident report which we had agreed with officers and cabinet member for transport in January 2017.
  • Warning signs have now been put up along the network.
  • The infrastructure improvements required to resolve the issue need to be approved by a “board of senior managers” at SCC and this is ongoing.

Close Pass Initiative

  • We’ve sent letters to South Yorkshire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner. These have been supported by some 100 cycle related organisations in the South Yorkshire area.
  • A meeting with the South Yorkshire safer Roads Partnership has been promised, but has yet to be arranged.
  • The latest indication from the police is that they are again giving consideration to implementing a close pass initiative.

Big Ride

  • On 22 April some 320 supporters gathered for a fun ride around the city centre, asking for ‘more space for cycling’.
  • Good publicity was gained with coverage on local radio, television and print.

Membership – Fee to Free

  • After careful consideration we decided to move from a membership fee to a free supporter base.
  • This was due to the unsustainability of administration of membership. It was agreed that the new model would be trialled for a period of around 18 months.
  • Previous membership was around 400, compared to a current supporter base of 1,200.


  • Finances are healthy, but more fundraising will be required.
  • The basics are:
    • Income: £3,781
    • Expenditure: £965
    • Balance: £2,816
  • There is £5,000 in the bank account.
  • Income was boosted this year with a £2,000 grant from The Sheila McKechnie Foundation. This money is to be used to improve the CycleSheffield campaigning impact, including the production of a short video.

Tube Map

  • Cycling UK have encouraged local campaigns to follow examples like Bath and Bristol and create schematic network maps of their city.
  • We began this with a workshop on 1 April, with around 15 people – some regular CycleSheffield members and some new people and people from the digital sector.
  • We’ve created a draft format (categories of route and elements to include) and now have a rough version of many parts of the city
  • At the workshop people identified locations that should be reachable by cycle, and rated the current quality of route between them (from quality traffic-free or minimised, usable provision, no provision (not suitable for all) and most hostile).
  • Next this will need to be worked on by a few interested people to get it up to a first workable version, which should then be shared and discussed widely, with councillors, the public and council officers.

Cycle Forum

  • CycleSheffield continue to attend the Cycle Forum, which is hosted by Sheffield City Council.
  • However, the effectiveness of attendance remains questionable.

Sheffield City Council

  • We will continue to respond to plans, developments and schemes (such as the Knowledge Gateway scheme) and raise issues and problems with the council.


  • Part of the £2,000 grant from The Sheila McKechnie Foundation will be used to make a short campaign video.
  • A volunteer producer, sound recordist and videographer have been recruited.
  • The concept has been developed and some contributors have agreed to take part.
  • Filming is being planned, with final production hopefully completed by the autumn.

Supporter engagement

  • We set up a Facebook discussion group to allow supporters to discuss cycling issues in Sheffield in July 2016 and this now has around 270 members.
  • The CycleSheffield facebook page has 1035 ‘likes’.
  • The Cyclesheffield twitter account has 3062 followers.
  • As always feedback from supporters is welcome via:
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CycleSheffield/
    • Twitter: @CycleSheffield
    • Email to info@cyclesheffield.org.uk

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