CycleSheffield response to planning development at Winter Street / Weston Street junction

CycleSheffield response to planning development 16/03264/FUL 82 – 84 Winter Street Sheffield S3 7ND submitted to Sheffield Council on 13/09/16.

Highway improvements are required at the junction of Weston Street and Winter Street/Bolsover Street either as part of this development or afterwards using Community Infrastructure Levy / Section 106 funding from the developer in order to make the area safer for people cycling and walking.

The junction between Winter Street and Weston Street is already busy during rush hour times and it is difficult to navigate safely by bike. It is particularly hazardous for cyclists heading down Winter Street who need to turn right into the University of Sheffield campus and for cyclists heading to/from the campus along Weston Street, which is a ‘suggested’ cycle route. There is currently no cycle link between Weston Street and the campus.

The recent change to the University of Sheffield campus layout means that the vehicles can enter as well as exit the campus on Bolsover Street, and turn right from the exit which was previously left turn only. This entrance is opposite Weston Street and these changes will make the junction more difficult and dangerous for people on bikes. According to South Yorkshire Police statistics there has been 1 severe incident and four ‘slight’ incidents involving people cycling here in the last 5 years. There has also been 1 serious incident and two ‘slight’ incidents involving pedestrians.

The students who will live at the new development will want to be able to access the University of Sheffield campus by bike, and through there the city centre. In order to do this on the current layout they will have to join Winter Street from Dart Square just at the point where Winter Street becomes two lanes wide southbound. To turn into the campus they will have to get into the right hand lane immediately. This is a difficult manoeuvre, there is no protected space to wait to make this turn and the road is busy with traffic in both directions. Access to the development from the campus will also be difficult by bike, the cyclist will need to join Winter Street and immediately ‘take the lane’ in order to make a right turn onto Dart Square.

This new development needs a much better, safer and more appealing cycle link to the campus. This issue should be addressed by the council’s cycle audit.

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