Sheffield City Council is currently consulting on the final report of the Sheffield Green Commission.

The report can be seen here: Green Report

Please respond to the consultation, it is very straightforward and should only take a few minutes to complete.

The consultation is here.

You need to indicate whether or not you agree with each part of the report.

You can make optional pledges to help support the implementation of a Green City.

CycleSheffield pledged to continue campaigning for a high quality and extensive cycle network which is accessible to all. The creation of this network would address many of the issues raised by the Green Report.

You can add an optional final comment.

Our final comment is below. You are welcome to use our response as the basis for your own, or to express support for our response.

Sheffield needs a high quality cycle network which links residential areas with workplaces, leisure opportunities, schools, shops etc across the entire city region.  Sheffield needs to adopt high quality standards for cycle infrastructure which is included in all new developments, not added on as an afterthought or if there is room. Most people will not choose to make their journeys by bike unless they feel it is safe, convenient and easy to do.

The creation of a high quality cycle network should be a priority for the Sheffield City Region as it directly addresses three of the four high priority “game changing” visions of the Green Report:

  • Sheffield is a connected city
  • Sheffield is energy secure and sustainable for today and for the future
  • Sheffield is a green city both in its urban core and its surrounding landscape.

The creation of a high quality cycle network will lead to a modal shift in how people make their journeys in Sheffield. This will have important health benefits – allowing people to incorporate physical activity into their everyday lives; environmental benefits – reducing air pollution and CO2 emissions by reducing the number of motor vehicles; economic benefits – cyclists spend more than motorists and are more likely to use local shops and amenities; assist with sustainable economic growth and mobility by reducing road congestion and therefore journey times. It will improve the quality of life for people in Sheffield; cycling is a cheap and therefore inclusive mode of transport, which is important especially in Sheffield where ⅓ of households don’t have access to a car (census 2011). Higher levels of cycling will mean less motor traffic which will improve neighbourhoods and communities as streets will be become more livable and safer with less air and noise pollution.

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