Things are changing at CycleSheffield. Can you help us?

As of mid-March Matt (our Chair) and I (our Secretary) will be cycling away from Sheffield to begin our next two-wheeled adventure, riding and camping our way around Europe for a year. We will be very sad to go and to say goodbye to many good friends and lovely new friends we’ve only just met, but after many happy years in Sheffield we both feel we are ready for the next adventure.

As exciting as this is for us, it means that CycleSheffield is losing two very active campaigners and committee members. We will be leaving behind good, committed people but they really need your help to continue to build on the work of the last couple of years in building our profile, running more visible and more effective campaigns such as Space for Cycling, while continuing to dig up dirt and keep up pressure on Sheffield Council.

We hope that we’ve helped point CycleSheffield in the right direction and got the ball rolling nicely: now it’s over to you. Can you help with any of the following roles/areas?

Organising our 2016 Space for Cycling ride
Organisers and volunteers needed ASAP to make our 2016 ride happen!
Help with route planning, event planning, marshalling,refreshments, promotion etc.. all needed. Don’t be shy!

Come up with ideas for campaigns based on what’s happening locally and our goals.
Work with volunteers and committee members to run campaigns, create resources needed, publicise the campaign and encourage members and the public to take part, then keep track of the results.

Attend our monthly committee meetings
Make sure we have a meeting room and refreshments for committee meetings
Write and circulates committee meeting agendas
Take minutes (or arranges for someone else to do this) and circulate them
Answer email enquiries to our email address

Arrange socials for CycleSheffield members.
Arrange events for members and the public.
Could be rides, talks, trips to the pub, film screenings – we would love to hear your ideas.

Membership development
How can we promote and increase membership?
Can we build links with other local groups in order to boost membership numbers via affiliate memberships?
Manage membership benefits e.g local discounts.

Keeping an eye on council plans, working on strategy
Work with a team to identify schemes which may affect cycling.
Look at scheme drawings and assessing whether they are good or bad for cycling.
Gain an understanding of the local decision making processes and factors which affect cycling provision in Sheffield.
Follow the development of the Sheffield City Council Cycle Strategy and trying to positively shape it.

Can you put together our monthly email newsletter for members?
Can you help run the Facebook and Twitter pages?
Can you help build links with local media?
Can you write press releases/help get press coverage of our campaigns?

Please email us at if you can help 🙂


Emma Metcalfe, Secretary of CycleSheffield

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