Sheffield’s first Tram Train arrives in Sheffield – Reducing the number of trains that carry bikes between Sheffield and Rotherham

Sheffield’s first Train Train has arrived in Sheffield today, it will enter service in early 2017, carrying passengers between Sheffield and Rotherham, but not with their bicycles.

CycleSheffield have campaigned for bicycles to be carried on trams for a long time, and have repeatedly asked that South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive run a trial. We think that the Tram Train trial which is scheduled to run in Sheffield from Summer 2016 should include a trial of carrying bicycles, especially considering that this is a national trial for the concept.

Tram Trains have already proven hugely popular on the Continent. Now we will be able to test whether they can bridge the gap between tram and train networks in this country. Norman Baker, May 2012

Trials elsewhere around the country, in London and Edinburgh have shown that the fears around carrying bicycles on trams are unfounded. We continue our calls for a trial in Sheffield, just as other cities around the UK are doing.

We expect that the Tram Trains will replace some normal rail services between Sheffield and Rotherham, this will reduce the opportunity for people to travel between them with their bikes. This could lead to fewer combined cycling and public transport journeys.

The South Yorkshire Cycling Action Plan endorses the aim of getting 10% of trips made by bike by 2025, integration with public transport needs to be a key part of making this a reality.

For more information on the decision made a few years ago which led to purchasing tram trainsĀ  which will not carry bicycles, see Matt’s blog post from November 2013.

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