University student killed while cycling in Sheffield

We are deeply saddened to hear the news of the death of a University of Sheffield student, killed while cycling along Crookes Valley Road next to the junction with Oxford Street on the evening of Monday 19th October 2015. Our thoughts are with his family and friends; we cannot begin to understand your pain.

Press reports say that the young man was killed after being hit by a blue transit van, which failed to stop. South Yorkshire Police are appealing for people to contact them on 101 if they have any information that could help, quote incident 1255 of 19th October 2015.

The driver of the van has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving, driving whilst unfit through drink and drugs and causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.

CycleSheffield Chair Matt Turner said “We are so sad to hear about this horrific incident. Crookes Valley Road is a signed cycle route between a big student area and the city centre yet is an unpleasant place to cycle. We need both a safer environment for cycling, and stiffer penalties for those who recklessly endanger other peoples lives.”

CycleSheffield is calling for protected space for cycling at junctions and on main roads and for harsher penalties for those who break the law.

8 thoughts on “University student killed while cycling in Sheffield

  1. I am so so sorry to hear about this tragic news. I’m even more angry that it happened at all. As a mother of a cyclist, I can only imagine how his family must be feeling. I am sick of the way cyclists are treated on our roads. I hope the man who did this is put away for a vey long time.

    1. Until we have a zero tolerance on alcohol and driving with a minimum mandatory custodial sentence this will keep happening.
      Students should rise up and make their world a better place.

  2. This breaks my Hart to hear…I have noticed a lot of cars and van’s travelling over the speed limit in this erea.The thing that really scears me it the amount cars that pull up or stop at the traffic lights with people smoking cannabis at the weel…my prayers go out to the cyclists perants…

    1. Same here in Nottingham. There is a too much focus on speed cameras but this has led to more drugged drivers. Who drive around without care for being caught.
      Prayers go to the young man lost in such a tragic way.

  3. Why is there not zero tolerance to drug fuelled drivers. This low life has robbed a family of a loved one and deprived this nation of much needed talent.

  4. Sheffield council should use Electronic messaging panels on the ring road to to inform drivers of this death, the dangers of drink & drug driving, and to be more courteous to cyclists. Particularly at this moment so soon after this tragic death, and possibly after any future accidents.

    I am a cyclist that passes this spot every day and confirm that a lot of cyclists use this route, and it needs to be made safer. A lot of this is down to drivers being made aware of cyclists, in a similar way to the ‘Think Bike’ national campaign. Just a few days before I was passed on the same road very aggressively by an impatient white Audi sports car.

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