Problems with Virgin Gyms

We seem to have on-going problems with Virgin Gyms Рthey have two properties, one on Broadfield Way and one on Archer Way.  They are failing to maintain the cycle route that runs alongside the Gyms. Both gyms have off-road cycle routes running alongside that are part of the Sheaf Valley Cycle Route. They are very poorly maintained, with vegetation covering at least half the width of the path. As these are shared use this puts pedestrians and cyclists at risk. The paths are also heavily littered and are infested with rats. Despite having raised this with both the council and with Virgin Gyms directly, there seems to be a high degree of buck-passing and no-one wants to take responsibility for sorting it out.

We are saddened that this has taken place as we believe that Gyms and organisations promoting cycling are working toward the same aim – that of a fitter and healthier population. Many cyclists use the Gym to maintain their fitness levels particularly in the winter months. Sadly it looks as though we are going to have to advise cyclists to avoid using Virgin Gyms if this situation continues. Let’s hope that this doesn’t happen and these problems can be resolved quickly.











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