Closure of Sheffield Canal towpath: safe cycling compromised?

CycleSheffield want the work on this part of the Greenway to be immediately halted until the causes for concern above are addressed and the whole situation is clarified.

Closure of towpath Meadowhall to R’hm

  • CycleSheffield understand from their colleagues at Cycle Rotherham that SCC have overall responsibility for these works

  • Cycle Sheffield thinks the closure for 9 months is excessive and little or no attention has been given to making the alternative routes safer for cyclists.  For example, cycle lanes could be made clearer, rubbish in the gutters could be swept, advisory signage for drivers could be placed at pinchpoints or where HGVs have parking bays, the possibility of shared use of footways could be explored.

  • CycleSheffield ask if there have been any risk assessments or cycle/walking audits done for the alternative routes along Sheffield Rd.  If they have we ask to see them.  (A cyclist was killed in a collision with a tipper truck at the junction of Sheffield Rd and Fullerton Rd in October 2103).

  • CycleSheffield draw SCC’s attention to the assessment from TPT Rotherham Rangers (URL below) which advises cyclists to take whatever route or action they believe necessary to travel safely.  The sequencing and disruption of the contractors’ work is a hazard.  We ask SCC to ensure that the constructors take the same care with the general public as they do with their own workers.

The map shows the extent of the closures and alternative routes

2 thoughts on “Closure of Sheffield Canal towpath: safe cycling compromised?

  1. Why is the towpath closed between Holmes Lock and Iccles Lock and when will it reopen? Why can’t access be gained even if you have to turn around and come back at Icces Lock? A nice walk or ride for all. Have been informed by canal volunteers that it is to stop abandoned vehicles from being dumped in the canal, rubish, cars can’t get through the gate or lock the gate, like all the others are.

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