CycleSheffield subs: would you voluntarily raise yr sub if you could?

Would you be willing to voluntarily increase yr sub to a level you can afford and you think CycleSheffield is worth?
At the June 2014 AGM 
we decided to leave member’s subs for
Sep 1 2014 to Aug 31 2015 
at the same level as they were for 2012-2013
These are below

Subs pa




Ordinary subs


£8 for all household members

£4 concessions student/unemployed.

If you’re an individual subscriber would you consider and be able to raise your sub to say £7?, £8?, £10? …£N?
and ditto for a household sub​, would a sub of £9?, £10?, £12? …. £N? be affordable
and show recognition of and support for the work CycleSheffield does?
If yes pls amend yr standing order
or bung a bit more on a PP payment or write a larger amount on a cheque
​(and if you don’t pay by standing order please consider doing it; it saves the membership sec and treasurer loads of time and you control the amount on it and the payment of it. Pls email to get details)
If the experiment works then membership subs could stay at a minimum low level and each of us pays according to ability and/or your judgement of the value of CycleSheffield
Not sure?
Please read on ….
  • We want low subs so we can be inclusive
  • We do need subs because we have admin and campaign costs (and some of us think that something for free is not seen as having value)
  • Your subs are our main income
  • We have increased that income by recruiting more members (over 340 subscribers either household or individual which means approx 565 members)
  • We are supplementing that income by selling T-shirts, S4C bags, badges and other stuff from which we make a small surplus – and we have unsold stock
  • Some admin costs are not dependent on membership numbers but some are, eg cost of processing and posting membership cards
  • Some affiliation fees are proportional to number of members​
  • We are producing more high quality publicity materials for our general use and for our campaigns which are costing more
  • We are sending more members to national meetings 
NB Members benefits are at and are updated as and when we negotiate them.
One of the manin benefits is that one can join CTC as an affiliate members for £16pa and that gives you 3rd Party liability insurance, which we recommend cyclists should have.
Tony Cornah is now the membership secretary and available at
All the people who labour for CycleSheffield do it voluntarily
 … and if you really want to know
We are running a deficit budget this year as we had a reserve of approx £2000 which we thought was just too much money not doing v much 
(and we earned this surplus from hosting a conference in 2011)
Our income creates a tiny revenue budget and we are now monitoring our spend quarterly so by the end of the third quarter (Dec 31 2014) we can get a feel for what our ‘PnL’ will be
The AGM Annual report has a statement on this and a link to our financial statement and budget

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