Long Causeway returned to us at Long Last

A Traffic Regulation Order has been issued confirming the banning of Motor Traffic from the  Long Causeway, a byway between Sheffield (Redmires) and the Peak District via Stanage. This will make it a more pleasant environment for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, adhering to the principle of “Quiet Enjoyment” of the Park.

As an example of how bad it had become, we came across people driving up there on Christmas Day! There was very little peace and goodwill that Xmas.
Our Peak Park correspondent writes:
The Peak Park has finally published its findings on the long awaited Long Causeway consultation and (a-la the Roych) has subsequently imposed a permanent ban on all “motor-propelled vehicles”  (with the usual exceptions  – i.e. emergency, maintenance, agricultural / land management etc.) on account of their presence being contrary to the general principles of the national park (i.e. quiet enjoyment, conservation of the landscape /environment etc.) As many in Sheffield (and elsewhere in the region) will know this has been very long fought campaign and its good to see all the hard work brought to a successful conclusion (cheers can be heard resounding up and down Rivelin, much to the disgruntlement of the 4x4ers and trails bike meatheads, no doubt, who will now have to ply their destructive trade elsewhere)
The Long Causeway can be part of excellent rides between, Sheffield, Dore and Hathersage or Bamford stations. Mountain Bikes recommended.

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