SYPTE “Have Your Say”

The South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive have launched a public consultation –
Have Your Say!.

The easiest way to take part is online at

There will also be roadshows at each of the Interchanges to help and encourage
customers to take part.
The roadshows will take place at:
Venue Date Time
Dinnington Mini Interchange 5 September 2014 10am – 12pm
Meadowhall Interchange 8 September 2014 8am – 12pm
Hillsborough Mini Interchange 8 September 2014 2pm – 6pm
Barnsley Interchange 17 September 2014 8am – 12pm

So what do we think about public transport in S. Yorks?

  • Better integration is needed. There is a good case for bike carriage on trams and some buses. Bikes are carried on trains which is good, but limited by the constraints of the rolling stock.
  • Scheduled services that are financially supported by the PTE should be required to carry bikes.
  • Also integration between bus train & tram. For example the no. 70 should be extended to Dore Station. For most train users the nearest bus stop is a long way from Sheffield station. (Which is partly why cycling to the station is so popular)
  • The fare structure is unfair. Middle class areas get cheap buses because of competition while working class areas are penalised. The middle classes will pay more for bus services if they get a quality product (See “Harrogate & District”)
  • We need Oyster Cards now! Buses that are stopped for a long time taking fares are frustrating for everybody.
  • Bus lanes are not actually there for the exclusive use of buses – they are shared with bikes, taxis and motorbikes. But it’s not good enough to allow bikes to use bus lanes and think you’ve catered for cyclists. Most bus lanes are too narrow for a bus to pass a bike safely. The two modes are quite different – buses are stop-start, cycling relies on continuous momentum to make progress. Separate facilities are therefore needed for bikes on busy roads. The practice of “waiting time” in bus lanes blocks them for other users and frustrates bus passengers.
  • We would like to see bus stop “islands” used where there are off-road cycle lanes – putting bus stops in the middle of shared use cycle routes leads to conflict.

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