New facility in Greystones

Another “little thing that makes a big difference” has appeared in Greystones.

The problem was that cyclists coming up from Banner Cross, either via Ford Rd or Dobbin Hill, had to make an awkward maneouvre at grade on a busy junction to access Greystones Drive from Ford Rd and vice versa. This short stretch of shared use makes it possible to go straight across. 

Greystones_Dr_2 Greystones_Dr_1

Eventually it will form part of a route from Banner Cross to Bents Green using the quiet back streets instead of Ecclesall Rd

Unfortunately the 20mph scheme for Greystones has been delayed but when that arrives it will make it even safer!

This was achieved under the “Streets Ahead Cycling Opportunities” fund. If you’ve got a little thing that’s niggling you about cycling in your area let us know and we’ll see whether we can get it fixed for you.




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