Priming yourself to be a cycling cashbomb: Sky Ride, Sheffield, Sun Aug 10 2014 11-3

The route of the Sky Ride goes by loads of shops and cafes, eg Division St, Ecclesall Rd, Surrey St, Pinstone St etc

Sky Ride 10.08.14


You can be a cycling cashbomb, see how you can prime yourself, get loaded up with some money and explode the myth that only drivers shop and cyclists don’t 

However you will need some priming slips or labels – they are on the link below, download some, cut them up ready and use them on Sunday – we are going to visit the shops after Sunday and ask if they saw any cyclists on Sunday.

Use them in shops, cafes, bars – anywhere really

They’re on this link Cashbomb labels and they say

I did my shopping by bike

You have been cashbombed

by Space for Cycling &  CycleSheffield

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