Sheffield Sky Ride, Sun 10 Aug, 5 miles of traffic-free cycling

Sheffield Sky Ride
Sun Aug 10 11-3
5 mile traffic free course in the city
and lots going on
Bring yourselves, bring your kids, bring your parents & grandparents

V important: if you can pls register beforehand,
It saves time on the day, you get hi viz bibs etc and there may some freebies from Sky if you are one of the  first 1000 to register

The plans look like they want a carnival atmosphere
so lets give them one like the last Space for Cycling Ride
wear something red, bring whistles, & we will have some inexpensive red bike horns for sale, as well as a cute red Space for Cycling drawstring bag to put all your freebies and shopping in

The course is open for 4 hours and goes along Division St and up and down Ecclesall Rd so time to do a cash bomb and take a breather in a cafe too
You may register on the day but easier for all if you sign up early

Sign up to supporting Space for Cycling on the day

Info, registration, the course and so on

How to be a cycle cash bomb

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