Cash-bomb the Sky Ride Sun Aug 10 11-3

Be a cycle cash bomb

A cycle cash bomb is a social device that destroys the myths that retailers tell themselves about how important it is that customers can park outside their store.

To make a cycle cash bomb you need a critical mass of willing people on bicycles, armed with sufficient cash, and some targets known as shops that are open, preferably near each other.

Detonating a cycle cash bomb is thrilling and causes no danger to the cyclists.

1. Prime each cyclist with slips of paper that state “I did my shopping by bike” (you may decorate the slips with your own slogans or you may wish to claim responsibility for the cashbomb.)

2. Assemble the cyclists together but carefully, you need to ensure you get to a critical mass.  (Cyclists escaping the mass before you have set it off may cause the cashbomb to fizzle out and not explode.)

3.  Programme the mass of cyclists with the code, “Go and shop, pay in cash, tell them you are a “cycle cash bomb” and leave a slip with the retailer”

4. Either countdown 5-4-3-2 – 1! and release the cyclists all in one GO.  In going from shop to shop the cashbomb cyclists may encounter other clusters of cyclists and thus set off a chain reaction.

5 Or release the cyclists in clusters or individually on a cycling circuit with shops – a Sky Ride is ideal.  Perhaps set the programme to start in say 30 minutes or when they see a suitable target

6. Some time after the cycle cash bombs have gone off, visit the targets and survey the effect on their business

The first Sheffield cycle cash bomb

will be at the

Sky Ride


Sunday August 10 2014.


Example of a slip

I did my shopping by bike

You have been cycle-cashbombed by

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