#25 Tram track/ Cycle ‘accidents’/ the use of Red Surfacing adjacent to the tracks

When responding to this request please use the subject line above  ‘as is’, particularly the #25 marker. Please respond by email to Richard Skelton <Richard.Skelton@sheffield.gov.uk>
Sheffield City Council is employing consultants to look into the issue of danger on the tram tracks and to come forward with some potential ‘in principle’ ideas.  The final report will be made available for comment and will be discussed at the City Cycle Forum.
Richard says:-
In trying to ascertain something akin to the true picture of tram track/ cycle accidents (where a wheel slips into the track or spins on a rail leading to complete loss of control), it appears that no one anywhere – this country and abroad – keeps detailed accident statistics.  They would like to enlist our help so that the consultants can fully understand the types of incident, where and how it happened.  If you know of someone else who cycles adjacent to the tracks, please forward this email to them – even if the person in question has not had an accident that you know of.  I cannot stress how important this information will be to inform the report, its conclusions, potential solutions and possible future bids to obtain funding to address the issues to provide on-street engineering solutions where possible.
Because of the detail we would like, it would be best if the person who has had an incident could contact Richard Skelton directly in writing – preferably email.
The information required:
  • I have never had an accident due to the tram tracks because………(e.g. this could be because you avoid the tracks because you believe them to be too much of a hazard, because ……..).
  • My (first) accident was at ….(the precise location e.g. adjacent/ opposite house number/ the Media Restaurant/ about 10m before the City hall tram stop, etc) whilst cycling from the direction of Smith St towards Fred St.
  • Describe in detail what happened (I know that after an accident things can be a bit fuzzy as the incident usually happens so quickly it is difficult to be precise, if you are not exactly sure please say so and why):  I was approaching the tram stop not realising that it juts out into the road.  I pulled out to avoid the stop and my wheel slipped into the groove.  I was catapulted over the handle bars and ended up on the street.
  • Injuries: I suffered a broken left wrist, extensive bruising and had some stitches in a bad cut to my arm.
  • The time was approx 10.30 a.m. on 25 March 1997 (be as accurate as you can, but say if you cannot be sure) it was a bright sunny day and the road was dry, it was very blustery though.
  • Please add any other information you consider relevant e.g. you may consider that the use of red coloured surfacing contributed in some way to the accident. Or you’ve only just moved to Sheffield/ this area of Sheffield and it was your first time cycling along the tracks etc.

    If you have had more than one accident, please repeat the process making it clear that it is a different accident.

    In some cases we may like further information and may wish to contact you. If you do not wish to be contacted please say so.

Please reply by Friday 15 August 2014.
Once again I would like to stress the importance of replying to improve our chances of acquiring funding for any potential remedial works that may help to prevent future accidents.  Please accept my thanks in anticipation a huge response.  Please do not expect a reply.

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