CycleSheffield now has more than 500 members

We have been promoting cycling by attending fairs, fetes and other events

We tow and put up the CycleSheffield stall and just talk to people, hand out our new brochures, city cycling maps, info about rides, cycle training and cycle maintenance and so on.

We also recruit members and this year we have sold our new T-shirts – and sold out of them, more on order

We now have over 510 members and thank each and everyone of you for being a member. (If you’re reading this and want to join or think you ought to join then pls do so at the home page of this website )

We are doing a lot and there is a lot needs doing but first and foremost just being a member is the most important act each of us can do.

If you want to be active with us then come to a meeting, send an email to the email list or post on our fb.

The CycleSheffield stall will be at the Sheffield Grand Prix in Peace Gdns on Wed 23 July from 3 in the afternoon

then at the Sky Ride on August 10 and after that the Hillsborough Gala in Hillsborough Arena on Sat 23 August

If you want to meet us, see what staffing the stall involves or even just buy a T-shirt then pls come along

These are the benefits of membership


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