CycleSheffield Matters for SCC Cycle Forum July 2014


This Forum is a p​lace where CycleSheffield can formally raise cycling matters with the SCC – and vice-versa.

 I have asked the Cycle Champions to see it as an ‘open’ letter from us to them and that we have an expectation that items discussed and matters raised will be passed on to the appropriate dept/person for action or comment



Dear all

Below are the CycleSheffield Matters for tomorrow’s Cycle Forum agenda

Item 1 is a note of what we have been up to

Item 2 We sent this in earlier this month as we would like to discuss progress over the last year wrt SCC’s objectives for cycling

Item 3 is a set of issues we want to flag as items we would like noted and then to be discussed at later Cycle Forums with appropriate representations.


Secretary, CycleSheffield

CycleSheffield Matters for CycleForum Tue 15 Jul 2014

1. CycleSheffield would like SCC to note

  1. our efforts at decorating the TdF urban section of the Stage 2 TdF route with ribbons bike sillhouettes and pls not that most of this has been disaassembled as well (We not the brown route signs and members wonder if the entire route could have more permanent markers)

  2. we have had a busy programme of events including Bike Week where we advise people on all aspects of cycling in Sheffield and we appreciate the Sheffield Cycle Map as a resource

  3. we have over 500 members

  4. we are concerned by inconsiderate behaviour from cyclists and have been monitoring the station tram stop where some cyclists in the morning insist on cycling through the small crowds of people waiting to board trams.  We had some, but not total, success with asking people to dismount and be considerate.t

  5. we will be supporting the Ride4Eric, a 6k, 15k and 50k set of rides on 21 Sep 2014 to commemorate the life of Eric Codling killed whilst cycling in Sheffield.  CycleSheffield are working with the organisers to stage a 6k safe, marshalled ride at a leisurely pace, for families and any age from children to grandparents We want the ride to be a joyful celebration of Eric’s life, so if you would like to dress up, decorate your bike, or play music then we would welcome that.

  6. CycleSheffield made a presentation to SCCI about the business case for cycling which promoted the size of the cycling economy in Sheffield, the potential of the cycle tourism market and other business opportunities, the value of employees cycling and the economic advantages of shared space in urban development.  This will now progress to a briefing for members of the SCCI on what they can do to get more employees cycling and the value of cycling in general.  We note that there was no briefing from SCC officers on the cycling economy to the cycling inquiry and we would welcome the chance to share these topics and our views with appropriate officers at SCC.


2. CycleSheffield on 4 July asked if we could use this Cycle Forum to review the progress of the past year wrt to objectives set by SCC.  In June 2013 SCC identified the following as the priorities for improving cycling in Sheffield and the surrounding region and we would welcome a discussion about the progress made on them.



Funded from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) we will be

–        Extending the Upper Don Valley route alongside Penistone Road from – Hillsborough Leisure Centre to Leppings lane (due for completion March 15)–as part of the Sainsburys development this will be further extended to Claywheels Lane

–       Extending the Blackburn Valley route  from Ecclesfield to Chapeltown (due for completion March 15)

–       Resurfacing the canal towpath between Tinsley and Rotherham (in partnership with Rotherham Council) – will be complete Sept 13

–       Making improvements along the Five Weirs Walk – creating new links, filling in gaps and resurfacing (Due for completion Dec 14)

–       Making improvements to cycle parking around the city – on and off highway including

–       Developing a secure cycle storage facility at Halfway park and ride (this may well (if successful) be rolled out to other tram and train based Park and ride across the county

Funded from the Local Transport Plan

–       Creating a  cycle link from Handsworth into the Adanced Manufacturing park at Waverley (due to be completed Dec 13)

–       Improving the crossing points at Hangingwater Road and Whiteley Wood Road (programmed to be delivered summer 14)

–       Opportunities for small scale  cycle improvements as part of the Streets Ahead project PFI opportunities

–       Improved access across the railway line from Oughtibridge into Wharncliffe Woods

Behaviour change/ Smarter choices

Funded from LSTF

–       Sheffield CycleBoost (covering residents and employees in NE Sheffield, Don Valley and City Centre this scheme includes

Free bike loans  and the option to buy the bike at significant discount at the end of the loan period subject to certain conditions

Free Maintenance courses and bike doctor surgeries

Free Training from beginner to advanced

Some of this programme is available to all but only runs in certain locations,


Sheffield cycle map published 2012, update due winter 2013

LSTF area bikeability map – map grading roads by the level of ability required to cycle on them – out now

 As part of the LSTF project we will be opening a pop up bike kitchen in Attercliffe – this will host maintenance courses and will also be a place you can take your bike and fix it yourself by hiring tools on site . We aim to develop this into a cycle hub.

Plans for the future

We have a bid in with the DfT by way of the Peak Park Authority to develop a cycle route from Wharncliffe Woods, through Stocksbridge and on to the  peak district at Langsett, where it will also cross the proposed 2014 Tour de France route.

We are developing Green Routes network strategy to link much of Sheffield’s green space with cycle routes

We are investigating solar powered low level way marking  as many of our current ‘green’ routes are not cyclable in the dark.

Working with partners on a Tour de France legacy

On top of this parks and countryside are doing some great work re mountain biking, creating trails, improving bridleways, creating a significant social network of cyclists, plus work in schools

3. Other items

CycleSheffield have some other items that we would welcome discussion on at later Cycle Forums.

  1. Secure storage of bicycles at Sheffield Homes.  We have some members who live in a block of flats at Jordanthorpe.  They are not allowed to keep their bikes in the stairwells or their flat, which is understandable.  However there is no provision of any secure storage for residents to keep bikes, and thus makes it difficult for any residents to choose to cycle.  May we invite someone from Sheffield Homes to the next Cycle Forum to discuss arrangements for residents to store bikes securely and under cover in their housing.

  2. Members have reported thefts of bicycles, both their own and friends and colleagues.  These are often stolen from premises which are supposed to be secure,  May we invite SYP to discuss at a later Cycle Forum whether there has been a wave of bike thefts, how bike thefts are treated, and how we can work with SYP to advise members to make their bikes more secure and recoverable.

  3. Cycle path by Virgin Active at Broadfield.  One of our members has been chasing getting the vegetation cleared as it is blocking this path.  We understand Virgin Active is claiming it has no responsibility to do this and that a Council officer is trying to sort out which landowner does have that responsibility.  May we have a discussion at a later Cycle Forum about the conditions under which developers or landowners assume these responsibilities and how long these responsibilities are supposed to last.

  4. Collision and KSI criteria that ‘trigger’ traffic calming action  CycleSheffield read the story of Jasmin Chan (a child killed by a hit and run driver on Normanton Hill)  in The Star.  We couldn’t understand, from the story, the criteria by which action is judged to be essential or advisory wrt to SCC taking with traffic calming measures.  May we have a discussion at a later Cycle Forum and an explanation of how many KSIs per km per yr trigger action eg which km and over which yrs how are these determined?

  5. Shoreham St/St Mary’s Gate Lights we understand work on this is now hindered by a member of staff leaving – is this incapability a result of general cuts or work not being re-allocated.  Isn’t Amey supposed to sort this out? NB this problem of synchronising bicycle traffic lights on the west side Shoreham St with the traffic lights on the east side of Shoreham St was first reported July 2012.

  6. Buses encroaching on cycle lanes In the March Cycle Forum we reported on buses encroaching across solid white lines on contraflow cycle lanes.  The specific location was Castle St but it has also been formally and informally reported on Pinstone St as well.  Bus companies do not respond to these complaints in good time or appropriately. Bus companies do not seem to know the Highway Code advice which is: 140 Cycle lanes. These are shown by road markings and signs. You MUST NOT drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line during its times of operation. Do not drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a broken white line unless it is unavoidable. You MUST NOT park in any cycle lane whilst waiting restrictions apply. Law RTRA sects 5 & 8. Our view is that driving into these lanes is intimidating and unnecessary.  It will deter people from cycling which is not what SCC wants.  We asked if this matter could be discussed under within the Sheffield Bus Partnership but we fear that it hasn’t been done.  May we ask that representatives from bus companies and/or SYPTE discuss this matter at a later Cycle Forum

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