Join in with TdF route dressing in Sheffield! Bring scissors!

Next Sheffield FridayNightRide​  
Friday 4 July 2014
​Start 6.30 pm Herries Rd off Hillsborough Roundabout​ (there’s a big space we can assemble in, I’ll be there)
TdF Route 2 Dressing
Let’s get out on the route through Southey, Parkwood Springs, Burngreave, Newhall, Grimesthorpe, Wincobank & Attercliffe
and tie gold/yellow ribbon around every post (lamp posts, telegraph poles etc)​
we can find on the TdF route (one of our original suggestions to SCC which was ignored)
This will show the peloton the way!
DEFINITELY bring scissors and enthusiasm.
A lot of ribbon will be provided but if you have some bring yellow ribbon/tape too
We need to be lots of people – we had 60 last ride – can we get that together?​
And I’ll try and get out out on the “meedja” so local residents can join in too
Let’s do it and show we want it
Heads up! we’re going up Jenkin Rd​ and we will need to take care tying stuff to posts​

Refreshments: Let’s finish at The Wentworth on Attercliffe Common at entrance to Forgemasters, newly renovated  pub and sound a good place to try; I’ll do a recce.
Background Toby Foster’s phone-in on Radio Sheffield on Friday 27 June was about the TdF and why is Sheffield not embracing it.
Apparently there is not any bunting or indication of the actual route from Grenoside to the finish – and the majority of people phoning in were against it or blaming the Council.
But people always complain about too much or too little ​or not the right coverage of the TdF, bemoaning road closures, wailing about cyclists and so on.
Rony Robinson in the following programme made some really disparaging, derogatory remarks about the areas of Sheffield that the route is going through.
And maybe SCC need to account for how they have spent the £900k they allocated to the Tdf.
but elsewhere in Yorkshire the efforts have been made by local businesses and communities supported by their councils
So let’s get out there and show what we can co do as cyclists and get local residents to help as we are membsrs of all the communities of Sheffield.
The urban section of Stage 2 is technically difficult with many right angle turns and two climbs and two descents and and is punishing by throwing in Jenkin Rd the steepest gradient in the entire  TdF just before the end.
The TdF organisers chose it for this reason – they want to put a challenging, long stage in early so the competition hots up straightaway.
The team tactics will be fascinating and don’t be surprised if there are some pile-ups – if Attercliffe Common had been a sprint finish that would have really been the icing on the cake.

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