Fun on Brunswick St

A little bit of consideration for cyclists (which doesn’t mean ‘cyclists dismount’ ) during road works would go a long way. I was remind of that when I saw this:
At the top of Brunswick St, Glossop Rd being closed due to a burst water main (again) the workmen presumably have painted this arrow to remind cyclists to turn right away from the closure. Sweet. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to them though that this is a contraflow lane and cyclists would be travelling in the opposite direction.
However, unfortunately once again it looks like Brunswick St is going to be resurfaced and the rough surface of the contra-flow lane is just going to be left, unless the council can intervene – we’ve asked them!

Update to this story:

This quickly turned from farce to tragedy.

Although we warned the Council that someone was about to do something very silly, they seemed powerless to do anything and sure enough the roughly painted on arrow became an official traffic sign. Meanwhile the arrow that should be there, on the “fillet” on the middle of Glossop Rd, had been left half-painted on:



And we found another example of this on Fulwood Rd


Never let it be said that Sheffield City Council doesn’t do things by halves!




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