Notice to members CycleSheffield AGM

Notice to members

CycleSheffield AGM

Thu 12 June 2014

Start 7 p​m​ social time in the bar

AGM Start 8 pm

Rutland Arms, Brown St, S1 2BS

​Please come along to hear what we’ve done this last year ​ & how we’ve spent your money
​and what we’re intending to do over the next year.

We will also be looking for members to join us on the committee.


  • Apologies & introductions
  • Minutes of last AGM
  • Reports from the Officers – what we’ve done and what we may do
  • Approval of CycleSheffield Constitution – we don’t have one, but need one if we want to develop as an organisation, e.g. charitable status. ​ ​ The ​​
    ​ we are asking members to approve is here ​ NB we have incorporated our resolution of grievances procedure
    ​(​ ​) ​
    into this
  • Election of 2014/15 officers & committee members ​. ​ If the constitution is accepted then we need a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Membership Secretary and a Trustee​ PLUS 5 other committee members who can do things like research, managing our IT, publicity, manage our campaigns and events schedule – we don’t have specific named roles but will write job descriptions to suit volunteers strengths. A Chair can be elected from within the committee. Nominations to me as and when up to Wed 11 June – you can even put yourself forward at the meeting (and we promise not to twist your arm if you attend!)
  • Financial statement see
  • Confirmation of membership fee ​ ​ – we do not intend to raise subs this year but we are going to ask members to voluntarily increase their sub for 1/9/2014 to 31/8/2015 and review subs during the next FY.
  • AOB & date of next AGM

Everyone is welcome and if you do want to run for a committee position or suggest a formal motion, email me at Looking forward to seeing you there.

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