Space for Cycling and fresh expert advice on Designing for Cycling

Just when you want some fresh ideas on Space for Cycling and guidance for design infrastructure then three of them turn up at once!  They are complementary and designed for slightly different audiences.

1. The CTC have produced a concise guide for decision makers, eg councillors, council officers, on how infrastructure needs to be designed for Space for Cycling.

It’s called Space for Cycling: a guide for local decision makers, and it is here at

and CycleSheffield will be sending hard copies to relevant councillors, council officers and local MPs as a softening up exercise for next year’s General Election.

2. There is also a much beefier booklet, Making Space for Cycling, written on behalf of CycleNation by the Cambridge Cycle Campaign for highway engineers and transport planners

I only have a two copies of that and I will send one to the SCC Cycle Champion, David Caulfield and keep one for CycleSheffield.

Its at

3. Sustrans have produced a Handbook for Cycle Friendly Design which is a detailed set of advice and guidance for design of roads to cater for cyclist in urban and rural settings.  It’s so good it is amazing that it is free!


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