SY road collision stats, violent crime stats and police priorities

Some of you may have seen this article in The Observer yesterday

 Its basically saying that transport is designed for the car not for the ped (or cyclist)

I thought I would see what I could gather on the stats

In the year ending 2012 in South Yorkshire there were 7423 victims of violent crimes involving some form of injury. In 2011/12 there were 18(1) homicides in South Yorkshire.  (ONS data)

There were 4446 casualties in collisions on roads in South Yorkshire in the year ending of 2012, 29 people were killed , 450 were seriously injured and 3967 people were slightly injured.   So 4446 people were injured or killed in road collisions. (






Violent crime




Road collisions




Crime + road collisions


Not all road collisions which cause injury involve a crime.  But many do.  At the moment time prevents me going through the collision data to find how many collisions result in criminal prosecution and conviction -I’m not even sure this data is kept.

There are more people killed in road collisions in SY than are killed in violent crimes. In the total number of KSIs from crimes and road collisions 63% of all KSIs are attributable to criminal offences and 37% are attributable to road collisions (which may or may not involve a criminal offence but will involve police recording and may be police investigation)

The 2012/13 SYP budget shows that road policing was allocated £12.34m.  (

All local policing was allocated £124.3m so road policing gets roughly 10% of local policing yet has 37% of KSIs.

If a police priority is to keep citizens safe then surely more should be spent on road policing.

(SYP’s total budget 2012/13 was £291.0m)

 Should CycleSheffield be asking SYP to change the current low priority of road policing?

and pointing this data out to Sheffield MPs (they are national budget cuts in police budgets?

(1) best data I could find on ONS site its a 2011/2012 figure

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