Tram track replacements taking place over this year

The tram tracks are being replaced. The document below is from SYPTE.
Cyclists, especially cyclists visiting or new to Sheffield, are coming off in the tram tracks and injuring themselves.
We understand that as the law stands if a cyclist comes off on the tram tracks then the company is not liable.
But that is only if the tracks are laid correctly (ie not proud of the surface).
The operator, not the Council, was found liable in Roe v Sheffield City Council and others
The rails being proud of the surface were deemed to allow Mr Roe’s car to skid and the tram operators were deemed liable for his (severe) injuries.
I think this case has gone through appeal and the judgement stands.
CycleSheffield understands that SYPTE own the track and South Yorkshire Supertram Ltd, the operating company, is owned by Stagecoach Supertram.
It is not in SYPTE’s interests to challenge Stagecoach Supertram about the carriage of bicycles on the trams or light rail.

Cycling over or along tramtracks needs care and probably explicit training about angles at which to approach them, how much to lean, when to brake, wet or dry? etc
CycleSheffield think that more could be done to make the tracks safer for cyclists – eg warning signs about the presence of tracks, rubber inserts at crossing points with roads etc.
The Council is to remove the red paint that is between the tracks and the footways especially near tram stops as some cyclists are liable to think they indicate a cycle lane.
Neither SYPTE nor Stagecoach Supertram make any attempt to gauge the number or severity of incidents involving cycles (but neither do SYP or the NGH’s A&E).
The Council receive a steady trickle of letters of complaint or inquiries to sue.
None of these problems were anticipated when the tram tracks were laid in the early 90s but came to light more or less straightaway.

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