SkyRides in Sheffield Summer 2014 onwards

Jonathan Powell, British Cycling, came to the CycleSheffield meeting in March to talk about the plans for Sky Rides in Sheffield in 2014.
He has kindly sent us his notes for the meeting and they are below along with the PPT he used.
Some CycleSheffield members have signed up to work as Sky Ride Leaders

Schedule overview

Start Date: June 15th

End date: November 30th

3 rides a weekend until August the 31st

2 rides a weekend through September and October

1 ride a weekend starting October 26th and continuing through to the end of November

No Rides 6th of July for Tour de France and a Sunday for the Sky Ride City Event. This will be on 10 Aug 2014, a route has been agreed.

Sheffield iconic/stand alone routes

  1. Philadelphia to New York

  2. Full Monty ride – visiting filming locations from the movie. (Mick Nott providing details)

  3. Norfolk Park Easy (Sheffield College – S2 2RL/Goals Soccer Centre – S2 2RU)

  4. Tour de France Route

  5. Iconic 5 – any ideas on this one? What could be a route that would be iconic of Sheffield?

Hubs (places to meet to start and stop rides) and indicative rides

  1. Concord Park – S5 6AE

  1. Easy around Concord park

  2. Steady 5 Weirs ride

  1. Meadowhall – S9 1EP

  1. Easy Ride – Meadowhall shopping trip to New York

  2. Steady route – Meadowhall to Coisley Hill

  1. Forge Valley Sports Centre – Stannington – S6 5HG

  1. Easy route – Around the 1km circuit

  2. Steady 8+ (old Well) route – using part of the TDF route through High Bradfield.

  1. Westfield Leisure Centre – S20 1HQ

  1. Steady to Rother Valley

  2. Steady 8+/Challenge route

  1. Forge Dam – Fulwood – S10 3TE

  1. Steady to Redmires reservoir/Stanage Pole

  2. Challenge route

Back up hubs if required

  1. Niagara Conference & Leisure – S6 1LU

  2. Springs Leisure Centre – Heeley – S2 2AL

  3. EIS – S9 5DA

  4. Hillsborough Leisure Centre – S6 2AN

Routes by Level


  1. Forge Valley Circuit

  2. Norfolk Park

  3. Meadowhall to New York

  4. Concord Park


  1. Forge Dam to Redmires reservoir

  2. Westfield to Rother Valley

  3. Concord 5 Weirs ride

Steady 8+

  1. Forge Valley TDF to Bradfield

  2. Philadelphia to New York

  3. Meadowhall steady to Coisley Hill

  4. Steady 8+ from Westfield


  1. Forge Valley longer TDF route

  2. Full Monty ride

  3. Forge Dam Challenge

  4. Iconic 5

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