Streets Ahead Cycling Improvements

Over the next few weeks and months you will see a number of small improvements to cycling in Sheffield, brought forward by the Streets Ahead Cycling Opportunities programme.

This week Amey are on site converting the city-side pavement to shared use alongside the Inner Ring Road between Broomspring Lane and Broomhall Rd, giving us cycle routes along both sides of this busy road. Eventually we would like to see parallel bike routes on both sides all the way round the Inner Ring and improvements to the existing route.

Another example of the sort of scheme that is going in is the kerb dropping at Clough Rd, where the Sheaf Valley Walk emerges from Granville Square, lopping off a few hundred yards of dog-leg from the Sheaf Valley Cycle Route.

There are over 60 small schemes like these in the pipeline – small changes that will make a big difference to cycling in Sheffield as well as some big schemes like Penistone Rd and Meadowhead. We will keep you posted on these and if you are a member you can join in the consultations on the schemes as they come up.

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