Landfill, recreation and cycling routes

This week, the Council told CycleSheffield that there were concerns about methane seepage from the old Beighton Landfill site which is now part of Shirebrook Nature Reserve.  This problem had arisen because the original gas generator on the site was being replaced.  The old landfill site and the permissive cycle route across it could have been closed and there were concerns that the original cycle route around the reserve may have become overgrown.

The good news is that the gas generator has been fitted with no problem and the site is to stay open.  The other good news is that methane from the site has been tapped since the site was closed and capped off.  The gas-powered generator provides at least 1 MW of electricity to the National Grid.  CycleSheffield’s Sheffield FridayNightRide rode out there in 2010.

CycleSheffield also keep an eye on developments on Parkwood Springs and we know that dumping on this site is due to finish in 2016 and then it will be capped off. It is planned to capture the methane and have a gas generator at this site as well.  Parkwood Springs already has off-road cycling tracks, installed by SCC Parks and Countryside, which are popular.  There are plans for the landfill site itself to be left as green belt and have walking and cycling paths and routes.

CycleSheffield have asked if the Council knows if similar methane seepage problems may arise on Parkwood Springs and if there is a need to prevent something similar happening when landfill there ceases and gas extraction starts.  Our concern is that it could become a no-go area.  We have asked and we trust a response will be forthcoming.–about/parks-woodlands–countryside/trees–woodlands/woodland-sites-and-projects/south-east-sheffield-woodlands-project/shire-brook-local-nature.html


rubbish access barriers at the Beighton Landfill Site
Access to the Landfill Site is through these carefully positioned barriers. These have been specially designed to keep off-road motorbikes away from the site.

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