Save the Bus Lane – the outcome

The Highways Committee discussed the proposal to remove bus lanes on 10th October and decided to go with the recommendations from Place. These can be summarised as follows:

Part of the Bus Lane at Banner Cross will go.

The Hunters Bar – Rustlings Rd bus lane will go, but not until there is an alternative cycle route through Endcliffe Park.

The Shared Use proposal for the pavement on Ecclesall Rd is being dropped –  a victory for common sense.

Our suggestions for improvements to cycling on adjacent streets are being considered.

So, a partial victory for us, and the principle we hope that you can’t just take out bus lanes without considering cyclists. We don’t particularly want to share space with buses but at the moment it’s all we have in many locations.

The Smart Routes project we hope will provide a better environment for all users of Ecclesall Rd overall.

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