Uni Concourse Ramp now open

The new ramp between the Concourse and Durham Road is now open, with a lot more room for pedestrians and cyclists.

Uni concourse
Uni concourse
University of Sheffield has plans for more campus refurbishment, using the Heart of the City project as a benchmark. The dangerous pedestrian crossing at Brook Hill is due to be replaced with a “super-crossing” further up, near the Arts Tower car park exit (the car park itself will go once the multi-storey on Durham road is built) and work is going on to re-model Brook Hill roundabout. We don’t know the timescales for any of this yet though.
Meanwhile, some work has been done on Glossop Rd and bits of the cycle lane  have been repainted (only the bits that were dug up of course)
road works on glossop rd

2 thoughts on “Uni Concourse Ramp now open

  1. So will there be a safe route from Durham Rd to the over side of Brooke roundabout? I tried going that way before the work strated and ended up cycling ilegally on footpaths and across a pedestrian crossing. Very confusing, even for a born and bred Sheffielder!

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