Changes to how we run campaigns

At this year’s AGM we appointed a Campaigns Manager.

Having given it some thought as to how to approach this, he’s tried to apply Project Manager techniques to the task and created some templates in Google Docs.

So we now have a Campaigns Initiation Document for any new Projects. These have been looked at by the exec group and approved for use at last night’s meeting.

This is is an example of how this will work, based on the Ecclesall Rd campaign. 

We also have  also written a Campaigning Policy to which we would expect anyone running a campaign on our behalf to abide by.

Anyone running a campaign will be expected to provide a brief monthly update to meetings.

Something else we propose is be an online form so members can suggest prospective campaigns to us.

We now intend to inform the council that this is how we intend to work in future.

2 thoughts on “Changes to how we run campaigns

  1. one campaign i would like to see would be to have a cycle lane all the way up Prince Of Wales Rd.

    at the moment there are some stretches of red asphalt,however there is lots of road, particularly near the top where it gets steep where the cyclists have to have their wits about them, and try to keep a very straight line as the cars don’t have a lot of room to avoid them.

    i have nearly been knocked off by lorries,it can be very scary there sometimes.

  2. Thanks for that suggestion Daniel. We’ll put it on our list of proposed improvements for cyclists. I think the speed and volume of traffic on the Outer Ring Road warrants a segregated bike path built to Dutch standards.

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