Cycle Route Blocked by Costa

Costa have set up shop in Heeley Retail Park and blocked the cycle route. Where the ramp used to be there are some steps and to cycle through you have negotiate your way through the tables and then do a dog-leg to get the to the dropped kerb. There has certainly been no consultation about this!

 What with this and the re-opening of the rear access gate to the Virgin Gym which has massively increased rat-running in the area , the fact that nearly all the signs on the route are pointing in the wrong direction and poor maintenance of the off-road sections, the Sheaf Valley route is becoming eroded away to the point of becoming unusable.

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3 thoughts on “Cycle Route Blocked by Costa

  1. The expectation is that cyclists will dismount and walk through the area which is quite ridiculous. I’ve now taken to turning left just before the retail Park and taking my chances crossing the two lanes of Chesterfield Road instead, without the help of the retail park traffic lights. Not the safest really.

    It is now generally more straightforward to stay on the main road than take any of the cycle route.

  2. I used to use this path to get uo to the traffic lights out of the retail park, but like Phil, I’m now turning left before the retail park, then turning right onto Chesterfirld Rd. It is sometimes difficult to turn right there due to the sheer volume of traffic, so it would be very helpful to have the cycle path reinstated.

    I’ve noticed that the gate into Virgin active has been closed the last couple of times I’ve cycled by. I’ve had close shave’s there on numerous occasions with drivers cutting the corner when turning left into the gate and cutting across the cycle path just as I’m emerging. A bollard there to stop drivers going across the cycle path would be nice.

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