Government announcement on cycling – what Sheffield & the Peak get out of it.

These are the works that are being funded in the joint bid that Sheffield put in with the Peak District.

Connection from Beeley Wood into Wharncliffe Woods – including an intervention (to be decided) to get across the railway

Some surface improvements in Wharncliffe Woods

A new cycle route from Wharncliffe Woods through Deepcar, Stocksbridge and Langsett connecting to the TPT at Thurlstone Moor (and crossing the 2014TdF route)

Surface improvements on the approach to Dunford Bridge

The estimated cost is £1.7Million, of which the grant awarded today will contribute £1.1million

Note that Cyclesheffield members have lobbied hard for this, in particular the safety improvements at Oughtibridge.
Also in the bid

Creation of a number of other new routes including

connecting the Monsal Trail into Buxton and Matlock and connecting to existing trails

A route from Staffordshire

A route through the Hope valley (though at partner discussions it wasn’t expected that this could be delivered within the timescales –so watch this space)

A grant fund for organisations to develop hubs

What we didn’t get
Sheffield didn’t bid for a Cycle City Ambition Grant.  The offer to fund cycling at £10 per head per year was there and it was very disappointing that Sheffield didn’t apply for it.

What’s already being done

Funded from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) :

–        Extending the Upper Don Valley route alongside Penistone Road from – Hillsborough Leisure Centre to Leppings lane (due for completion March 15)–as part of the Sainsburys development this will be further extended to Claywheels Lane

–       Extending the Blackburn Valley route  from Ecclesfield to Chapeltown

–       Resurfacing the canal towpath between Tinsley and Rotherham (in partnership with Rotherham Council) – will be complete Sept 13

–       Making improvements along the Five Weirs Walk – creating new links, filling in gaps and resurfacing (Due for completion Dec 14)

–       Making improvements to cycle parking around the city – on and off highway including

–       Developing a secure cycle storage facility at Halfway park and ride (this may well (if successful) be rolled out to other tram and train based Park and ride across the county

 Funded from the Local Transport Plan

–       Creating a  cycle link from Handsworth into the Adanced Manufacturing park at Waverley (due to be completed Dec 13)

–       Improving the crossing points at Hangingwater Road and Whiteley Wood Road (programmed to be delivered summer 14)

–       Opportunities for small scale  cycle improvements as part of the Streets Ahead project PFI opportunities

–       Improved access across the railway line from Oughtibridge into Wharncliffe Woods

Behaviour change/ Smarter choices

Funded from LSTF

–       Sheffield CycleBoost (covering residents and employees in NE Sheffield, Don Valley and City Centre this scheme includes

Free bike loans  and the option to buy the bike at significant discount at the end of the loan period subject to certain conditions

Free Maintenance courses and bike doctor surgeries

Free Training from beginner to advanced

Some of this programme is available to all but only runs in certain locations, I have attached the 2013 programme (this is on top of similar work with employers)


Sheffield cycle map published 2012, update due winter 2013

LSTF area bikeability map – map grading roads by the level of ability required to cycle on them – out now

As part of the LSTF project, a pop up bike kitchen in Attercliffe – this will host maintenance courses and will also be a place you can take your bike and fix it yourself by hiring tools on site. To be developed into a cycle hub.

Plans for the future

Developing a Green Routes network strategy to link much of Sheffield’s green space with cycle routes

Investigating solar powered low level way marking  as many of our current ‘green’ routes are not cyclable in the dark.

Working with partners on a Tour de France legacy

On top of this parks and countryside are working on mountain biking, creating trails, improving bridleways, creating a significant social network of cyclists, plus work in schools.

So plenty going on, but lots more needs to be done.  Sheffield City Council needs to have a “Shovel Ready” programme available so when funds come up they are fit to bid – bearing in mind that there is more to developing cycling than putting in cycle routes. In future bids the focus needs to be on utility cycling, since much of the work above will mostly benefit leisure cyclists.

2 thoughts on “Government announcement on cycling – what Sheffield & the Peak get out of it.

  1. Very disapointig that SCC chse not to bid for the funding available, especially with the University roundabout being named one of Britains most dangerous junctions for cyclists.

    As you pointed out, most of what is happening is aimed at leisure cyclist who will mount bikes onto a car, drive somewhere, ride and then drive back.

    As a Mum who doesn’t have a car, but is trying to navigate Sheffield’s streets by bike with a small child, I need good quality, dutch style segregated infrastructure.

    It’s just about doable for us, but it’s often terrifying and I only do it because A) I only have one child and B) I’m committed. If I had more than one child I think it would be impossible to get about by bike. As for my commitment, I know plenty of Mums who’d prefer to ride with their kids – but our council make it so difficult that they just don’t bother – so our city’s kids are getting fatter, lazier and more car dependant by the minute.

    Every time I go out with my son by bike, to the shops, to football practice, to his Nan’s house – I feel let down by our council.

  2. Thanks for your comment Sara. We challenged council officers on the point about leisure cycling and they said:

    We’re not ignoring urban cycling. Completion of the cycle ring route is being looked at as part of the Green Routes (which isn’t all leisure cycling – just trying to get people cycling for all reasons and for all purposes). The ring route isn’t all on-street, so is this urban cycling (ditto Penistone road, Five Weirs Walk, Blackburn Valley, Beeley Woods, Connect2 and bits of the NCN – all largely off-carriageway but not particularly aimed at leisure cycling, although this is clearly accommodated to some degree in all cases)? Green Routes is on the next Forum agenda – you will be asked for views and help/ thoughts/ ideas – voice your concerns and have them answered!.

    Green Routes is in addition to and not at the expense of other cycle stuff.

    The £200k/ year for PFI cycle opps is/will be aimed at urban utility cycling.

    In relaying this I’m not defending the council, merely telling you what they said.

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