Busy times at Cyclesheffield

– Mick is working on the Scrutiny Committee that will look at how the council promotes cycling and whether it could be doing it better, particular by looking at it as a community and public health issue rather than just a problem to be dealt with on the roads.

– Simon is taking on the proposed removal of a bus lane on Ecclesall Rd, with only a poor quality share use route on the pavement being offered as an alternative.

– Polly continues the good fight with Supertram, persuading them to at least try out the carriage of the occasional carriage of a bike on their very large vehicles at quiet times.

– Matt is working on a number of fronts including taxis stopping in bike lanes, trying to find out what the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership and Local Transport Bodies have in store for us, and assessing the impact of the tram-track engineering works on cyclists.

Richard and Ian have been working hard on 20’s Plenty, which of course has benefits for everyone, not just cyclists.

Meanwhile, we’ve been out and about with the stall, talking to cyclists and would-be cyclists, and of course encouraging you all to support us by joining up.

Catch us this week at the Sheffield Grand Prix!

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