Bike Week DVDs for loan – Asiemut & Two on four wheels

It was agreed at the CycleSheffield meeting that the films we showed at the Harland Cafe during Bike Week could be loaned to members for 1 week , for private viewing only.

We would just ask for a donation of £5 towards CycleSheffield’s funds for the two DVDs for 1 week.

The films are Asiemut

and a compilation of vimeo films called ‘Two on Four Wheels’.

Both were made by couples undertaking impressive and inspiring cycle tours; the first through Mongolia and Nepal to the Ganges, and the second set out from Guernsey to cycle east around the world.

Let us know if you would like to borrow them and we can arrange times for you to (pay!), collect and return them.

Email Polly directly to arrange the loan .

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