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CycleSheffield has joined Space for Cycling, a national campaign to exert political influence at the council elections in 2014.

Sheffield Councillors are responsible for Sheffield’s streets and urban space.  Asking them for their views on and support for our demands during the election campaign will ensure that cycling is on the political and action agenda.

We want to put safe space for cycling on the agenda of all the political parties and the councillors standing for election in Sheffield in May 2014.

The people of Sheffield need streets that are safe and inviting for everyone to walk and cycle, making these options a genuine transport choice

What are we doing?

  • We are making specific demands of the parties and councillors at this year’s elections.

  • We have 6 Core Principles.

Space for Cycling in Sheffield needs

1. Removal of through motor traffic from residential streets

Fast or heavy through traffic makes residential streets inhospitable for cycling. We’re calling on council election candidates to support the removal of through motor traffic from residential streets in order to create safe Space for Cycling. Bollards and planters are an inexpensive way to remove non-local motor traffic, creating a safe environment in which to live, cycle and walk. Local residents will still be able to access their properties by car, and deliveries and refuse collections will be unaffected.

2. Protected space on main streets and through major junctions.

Sheffield needs to install segregated cycle paths on major streets with fast and/or high volumes of traffic.  Major junctions that leave cyclists vulnerable should be redesigned.

3. Safe walking & cycling routes for schoolchildren and students

Every child in Sheffield should be able to safely walk or cycle to school or college.  SCC  has trained 1000s of primary schoolchildren to cycle safely on the road.  But they won’t do it because their parents think the roads are unsafe and schools have inadequate safe & secure bike storage. More children cycling to school would reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, raise youngsters’ levels of health and well being, and ensure that young people learn good road sense.

4. Safe cycling routes through and around the city centre and suburban centres

Sheffield needs a clearly signed and maintained Strategic Cycle Network with direct routes to encourage and support much more cycling to, in and out, and around the city centre and suburban centres, eg Hillsborough, Bradway, Darnall.

5. 20 MPH Speed Limits

Reducing motor traffic speeds is proven to prevent death and serious injuries to cyclists and pedestrians alike, especially children, with little impact on most journey times. We’re calling on election candidates to support 20mph speed limits in residential streets to create a less dangerous and intimidating street environment that provides safe Space for Cycling.

6.  Cycle Routes through Parks and Green Spaces

Sheffield has many parks and wonderful green spaces. They are perfect places for cycling – particularly for children, families and the elderly – yet too many don’t provide good space for cycling and we still have a by-law prohibiting cycling in parks. Considerate cyclists and pedestrians can happily get along together with the right facilities, which is why we’re calling on election candidates to support the creation and improvement of accessible Space for Cycling through parks and green spaces. We support the “Green Routes” initiative as a component of the development of a Strategic Cycle Network for the city.

What will we do next? 

We will contact the political parties and ask them to support our core principles, offering to take them on a bike ride around the city so they can see for themselves the conditions cyclists face.

We will mount a city-wide campaign to show the support for these goals.

We will contact individual candidates and ask them for their support once the names are announced.

We will make voters aware of which candidates supports Space4cycling and which ones don’t.

For those candidates who support the campaign and get elected, we will hold them to their campaign promises!

What can you do?

  • Support the Campaign at  Cyclenation & CTC are supporting the development of the campaign across the country.
  • Discuss it on our email list, with your friends, colleagues and family
  • Tweet about it at #space4cycling.

  • Watch this page and the cyclesheffield news feeds for developments. We’re working on the 2015 Campaign in the run-up to the General Election.

Over to you!

Space for cycling Bike Plate - available free from space4cycling.

Space for cycling Bike Plate – available free from space4cycling.