Sheffield City Council resources/documents

Pathways to Zero Carbon in Sheffield, Sheffield Council/Arup, January 2021

Sheffield City Region Active Travel Implementation Plan June 2020

Sheffield City Council cycle store requirements April 2019

Sheffield City Council Planning Applications – Cycle Procedure and Conditions March 2019

Sheffield City Council Transport Strategy June 2018

Sheffield City Council Transport Vision, January 2018

Sheffield City Region Draft Transport Strategy 2018 – 2020, November 2017

Sheffield City Region Local Cycling Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) Expression of interest, June 2017

Tram Cycle Safety Action Plan, December 2016

Tram/ Cycle infrastructure Review Study, June 2016

Sheffield Council Green Routes plan, November 2015

South Yorkshire Cycling Action Plan, 2015

Sheffield City Council  Cycling Inquiry report, 2014

Sheffield City Council review of Cycling In Sheffield 2008 – 2013

South Yorkshire Cycle Action Plan, 2011

A Vision for Excellent Transport in Sheffield, 2010

Sheffield City Region Transport Strategy 2011-2026, 2010

Cycle Audit of Risks and Safety Issues on Tram Routes at White Lane and Hillsborough, produced by Pedal Ready for Sheffield City Council, 2008

Sheffield City Council Cycling Action Plan, 2006

Sheffield City Council cycle parking guidelines

Investigation into cyclist safety on the Supertram network in Sheffield, Sheffield City Council 1998

Tram-related injuries in Sheffield, academic study 1994-5

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