Is it worth reporting incidents?

Is it worth reporting incidents?

Do many of you think its not worth reporting incidents where you have been harassed or endangered by bad driving? The police don’t seem bothered, nothing seems to get done about it, and drivers’ behaviour is so bad you would never get to work if you reported everything you thought threatening.  Well it may just be that it is worthwhile around Sheffield.

One of Sheffrec’s club members, Nick Downham, had a can of fizzy drink chucked at him from the passenger side of a passing car on Sugworth Road (near Strines Reservoir) in November, though he was not injured as a result. He managed to get the car registration number, reported it, and was amazed at how seriously SYP treated the incident. They came round to his house the following morning (Sunday) at 8am to take a statement, and traced the driver who was a 17 yr old who had only been driving for three months.

The police went to the  driver’s house, watched as his mum gave him a right telling-off, and then issued him with a seizure order, meaning that if the vehicle or driver is involved in any form of anti-social driving in future the car will be destroyed or sold (1).  And they then followed the incident up by provided full feedback to Nick on their actions.

Sheffrec were really impressed with the police’s attitude and speedy and resolute actions and have sent a letter of appreciation. to SYP.  So Sheffrec advise, please do report any aggression towards you if on a bike. It gets results.

CycleSheffield posted advice on reporting incidents where you felt threatened or put at risk by driving.  Please use it and share your experience on the list.

(1) Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 concerns Vehicles driven in manner causing alarm, distress or annoyance



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