Support Space for Cycling

Who we are

Cyclists of all kinds from all over the city who want to see cycling taken seriously as a means of transport, and given the facilities it needs.

What we do

Write emails, run a stall, meet with the council and other interested parties, have meetings, run socials, go for rides, go to conferences, have fun!

How to join

Click Here to join online

How to join in

  • Join our members only mailing list
  • Come to socials and meetings
  • Follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

What you can do

The Top Thing you can do to help is to get on your bike and start riding!

Beyond that, simply joining helps a lot, by demonstrating the extent of support for cycling and keeping our bank balance in credit. If you feel like doing more, come to meetings if you have time, help with the stall or National Bike Week, go leafletting in the city, recruit new members – just do as much or as little as you can manage.

As a member you have access to our Google discussion group and discounts at many local bike shops and other businesses.

If you don’t feel like joining, you can simply donate. All donations will go towards our campaigning funds, which pay for travel expenses, equipment such as cameras to record problems on the roads, website hosting etc.

Where we are

Sheffield is the fourth largest city in England by population. It is located in South Yorkshire, where the North of England meets the East Midlands. It is easy to get to, since it is at the centre of Britain’s ‘Intercity’ rail connections and the National Cycle Network will take you right to the heart of the city. Sheffield is close to the Peak District national park, an area of outstanding natural beauty popular with cyclists.


Meeting in progress. Note we usually meet in a congenial room and some of us go to the pub afterwards. This was our AGM in the Fat Cat. 





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